Friday, August 1, 2008

A Perfect Blend of Friendship Award

Posted by Cecile at Friday, August 01, 2008
This very Sweet and Nice Award was given to me by Nona and Redge. Thank you guys for this one!

Now, I would like to pass this award to: Juliet, Vida, Michelle, Sweetiepie, Virgie and Claire.


reanaclaire said...

hi..i hv resubmitted mine but so far no response from them yet.. i hope it will be approved... i dont know how to resize it so i copy the image from another blogger and paste it to my own post. you can do the same too.. u copy my smaller size pic and paste it to yr blog...try it.. so far, i didnt rec any approval yet.

Michelle2 said...

Hi cille! Thanks for this nice latte's. You really are so sweet. :)


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