Wednesday, August 27, 2008

A Very Busy Week

Posted by Cecile at Wednesday, August 27, 2008
Tomorrow, Jacob teacher at Pre-K is scheduled to do her "home visiting" here in our home. Any idea what this thing means? I don't, neither my husband. Anyway, I need to clean the entire house in case she will do some inspections whether our place is a best place to raise our son, make sure that he eats a well balance diet, a bilingual for I am speak my native language and I don't know what else she would do and ask. I just hope and pray that everything will goes well. This week is really a busy day for us. The next day will be the school orientation and is going to be held at night. The next day which is Friday would be an early doctor’s visit and Magnesium oxide infusion for me that will take a whole 7 hours of our time that day. No idea what would take place with this kind of process for my magnesium level is very low which is not good for me. I have been taking oral tablet, but for some reason, it is giving me diarrhea. What a bummer. Now I have to go through this whole new process.



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