Thursday, November 6, 2008

Brilliantly Preserved Leaves....

Posted by Cecile at Thursday, November 06, 2008
I always make sure to enjoy the crisp, fall weather and explore the outdoors! While I take my autumn stroll, I choose a few varieties of colorful leaves to preserve and elegantly display in my home. I learn how to preserve them with two simple techniques that will help me keep my fall foliage looking brilliant instead of turning brown and crumbly.
Glycerin Leaf Preservation:
Glycerin is a liquid that you’re likely to find at your local drugstore. Beyond its soothing medicinal uses, it’s also great for keeping colorful fall leaves from drying out, so you can create beautiful seasonal displays. This technique does require a bit of experimentation; some leaves simply don’t react well with glycerin. Collect a variety just in case.
Silica Leaf Preservation:
Home D├ęcor Maven, Wanda Colon, featured this clever leaf preservation technique on Home Made Simple TV. The silica dries out the leaves while allowing them to keep their color and shape. Try following up the silica treatment with a dried flower coating or clear spray-on glaze to help enhance and protect your dried leaves from breakage and fading in the future.


chubskulit said...

this is great ate, i often wonder how can i preserve those beautiful leaves that my daughter has been collecting..

May award pala ako sayo..

Cecile2 said...

yup, si jacob ganyan kaya i decide to preserve them :-)

Dhemz said...

good to know te..I am very interested with this it!

Cecile said...

yup, dhemz, try it ;-), am sure our kids will love to see theleaves they picked presevred and displayed.

btw, thanks for the visit ;-)


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