Sunday, November 2, 2008

Tissot Watches

Posted by Cecile at Sunday, November 02, 2008
I have been thinking of what will I get for my husband this Christmas. He is a very picky man when it comes to gifts and even other stuff; I need to be sure he likes it or else he would return it at the store himself. Most of the time when we go shopping, I just let him pick what he wants and go with it, that way no extra trip at the store after he opened the present. Then one day, I caught him looking at his old watch I bought last Christmas; it was a cheap watch we bought at store. Anyway, he said he needed a new one for that old one is getting worn out. Then, that’s where I get the idea of what to give him for Christmas this year.

I went online and browsed with the watches they have at; I’ve found what I was looking for and that was
Tissot, one of their luxury watch. I am sure he would love Tissot T-Sport for it is Chronograph watch and is similar with the one he has now. You can never imagine how huge their selection of luxury watches: they have watches for men and women. Right now, they have this Halloween Super going on where they really slashed the price low. If you want to avail of their sale, visit their site now and grab one up for yourself or one for your husband.


Joops said...

I like the design.. I'm sure your hubby will love it..

By the way, i have an award for you.. Please come and grab it when you have time..its a "brilliant award"...

Cecile said...

yup, he will surely do, Joops

ok, thanks for the award :-), do you really think i deserve it? just kidding! will grab it now :-)


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