Saturday, November 29, 2008

Pretty Flower

Posted by Cecile at Saturday, November 29, 2008
I love flowers and gardening; and one of my favorite flowers is Hibiscus or Gumamela (in Tagalog). In this picture, the color combination is very pretty, don't you think? Someday, when we finally buy a house (hopefully soon) again, I will ake sure that I grow this on my garden for it is also my husband's favorite flower second to daffodils.


Maus said...

i like also gumamela lalo na yung doubled petals...isa kc yan sa mga bulaklak ng lola ko b4..kaya nakakarelate ako ehehe isa ako sa taga putol ng gumamela ..

Jacob said...

oh ok, ganda kasi eh, di ba faye?

anyway, dropped ec at your blog nga pala, ingat!

REDGE said...

hi cecil.. i also like flowers.. anyway you can join today's flowers post, just visit my sis Race blog for info..


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