Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Seabridge Bathing Walk in Tubs

Posted by Cecile at Wednesday, November 05, 2008
According to the research done, more and more adults over the age of 65, experience a fall about every 21 seconds, a total of 15 millions falls each year. It is very alarming, for it caused death especially for older people; and most of the fall is 60% happened at home. To avoid this kind of problem, especially when they are going to take a bath, they need a walk in tubs for safety. At Seabridge Bathing, they sell huge selections of walk-in bath tubs, slide -in bath tubs especiallt for adults. Walk-in bath tubs from Seabridge has earn a good reputaion from their client, enough that client would highly recommend it to their friends and people they know who needed this amazing bath tub. They also said that taking a bath or shower has never been easier for it gives them security, peace and worry free about falling again. So if you care enough with your elderly loved ones, go to for more details about their products.



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