Saturday, November 1, 2008

SJA Mobile

Posted by Cecile at Saturday, November 01, 2008
Are you looking for some gadgets that are inexpensive? If so, them you need to go to for they are offering products from Kodak like pocket camcorder which films in high-definition (HD). They even have tiny camcorders like the Flip Video Ultra, the new Flip Mino and Creative’s Vado, are leading the way in the market segment for portable devices. These products are great for gifts this coming holiday. Check these gadgets out by going to their website.


faye said...

hello ateces musta ang sunday nyo?
passing here

Cecile said...

ok naman, just went to just with my son, hubby didn't go with us for he is working today :-(, ikaw musta naman sunday mo? sana ok din.

salamat sa dalaw :-)


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