Saturday, July 26, 2008

Cisco is Way to get your Dream Job!

Posted by Cecile at Saturday, July 26, 2008
In this world full of changes, the only permanent is change. A lot of changes happened and still happening, especially when it comes to career. People get laid off or get fired from job because of the changes in the world of technology. My husband has been working in one of the biggest semi conductor industry or company in the world for a long time and all of a sudden they laid off a lot of employees and unfortunately, he was one of them. He was jobless for eight months and it was very hard for us with the family of three he being the only one working. We were glad that he landed a job and we were relocated. His boss told him that he needs to update his knowledge in the field of his industry with regards to his job despite that he has a bachelor degree on it. His job now is going to be faced out and that he needs more training if he is to stay in the company. Then one day, we came across the Cisco certification , where he can be trained and certified in the field of electronics. We are now considering enrolling to be trained and get certified in the field of information technology or the field of his industry. Nowadays, company hires people who have updated their knowledge, trained and certified when it comes with the job and industry of the people they are hiring. Now, we don’t need to worry about getting laid off again once we are certified. I would highly recommend Cisco certification to anyone who needs training and certification because they build credibility in someone else’s career, field and industry.

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