Sunday, July 27, 2008

Jacob's Birthday!

Posted by Cecile at Sunday, July 27, 2008
My son and I went to church by ourselves because my husband has to work today. It is also my son's 4th Birthday; I gave him a hug and a kiss when he woke up this morning. At the Primary, they sung for him and also gave him a little present. He was happy because of that. I told him that we will go bake a cake for him and he is very excited.He said, he likes cupcakes and that is we will going to do. Then, when hubby comes home, we will do the celebration and tomorrow will be going at Short Pump Mall to buy him the present he liked which is he "little people train". He can't wait to have it!


laura said...

happy birthday to ur son,

armywife24 said...

happy birrthday to Jacob!!!


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