Friday, July 18, 2008

Tri Scents Transform my Home

Posted by Cecile at Friday, July 18, 2008

My family and I love eating and cooking. The only thing about cooking is that your whole house smells food and it also stick on our clothes. I hate it when I go get clothes in the closet and it smells foods. Then one day, I was checking my Social Spark account, and signed up for a free sample of Renuzit TriScents. Yesterday, I opened my mailbox and found my free sample of it. I am so glad. I immediately opened it with excitement; put it in my living room. Oh! Man it smells good, that I went to store and bought some more using the coupon that came with it on the mail. Before I have been cooking for like all day, and all you can smell in my house is food, so I decide not to cook very often because of that. Now that I have the Renuzit TriScentsinto my home, I can cook for as much as I like to again and you wouldn't even smell that I am have been cooking for whole day. And my husband does not smell the foods at all; and he asked what did I do, I just said...simply it is because of this great air- freshener? Well, there is only one thing and that is... Renuzit TriScents. Oh! Man I love this products just like I love perfumes. It transforms my house into a garden. It smells good! I have put in almost every room in my house...from living, dining, bathrooms and bedrooms. My hubby likes the smell of it, too! Can you believe? I even put one in our utility room and basement where I do the laundry! One more thing I love about this is that it changes the smell every forty five minutes. I can not believe it! Three scents in one...genius! I even recommended Renuzit TriScents to my friends and they are enjoying the smell of it themselves now!
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