Monday, July 7, 2008

Tomato Festival in Hanover!

Posted by Cecile at Monday, July 07, 2008
Saturday (5th of July), was the Annual Tomato Festival here in Hanover County. It was a big occasion for the people in the county and neighboring city. We have had a chance to see it and to be there. It wasn't bad. As always, they have band playing, foods, a lot of them and they were very expensive! Stalls, again... a lot of them! You can even find almost everything in there, from Amish bread, different churches, jewelry, wood carvings, baby shower gifts, clothes, garden decorations, bonsai, bags and purses, flip flops, car display, etc... We didn't buy anything but foods. Even though it was expensive, I bought myself a "fried green tomato and my hubby, a tomato pie." Matt said, his tomato pie was really good! The fried green tomato on the other hand, didn't impress me at all. I would rather have my hubby's version of fried green tomato. Oh! Man, he makes the best fried green tomato! I am not boasting with my husband's ability to cook; but he is a really good cook. The only complain I have with his cooking is that, when he cooks, you can feed the whole town! Yup, that much! considering it just me and him. So what happened with the left over? Well, we ended up eating it for a week or so. Back to the festival, Jacob really enjoyed it. He got he chance to pet farm animals, have his face painted with tomato, his arm tattooed with tomato again! There were a lot of fun things for the kids; too bad we went there like two hours before they closed, so Jake didn't get a chance to ride the carousel, train and the giant inflated slide. Oh! Well, he had enough for the day; in fact he was exhausted that by the time we get home, he was already fast asleep! In short, we all have fun!



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