Sunday, December 28, 2008

Adorable Teacup Yorkie Dogs

Posted by Cecile at Sunday, December 28, 2008
I grew up with at least two dogs in our house that is why I am missing having dogs home. My husband used to have dogs when he was single, too! Now our four year old son is very fond of our neighbor's dogs and has been bugging us to buy one for him. We told our son we would buy a dog next year after we are settled to our new place; plus the apartment we are living now is very small to have pet. We like our dog to have a space to run around and play. I would like to have cute dogs like the Yorkies, on the other hand my husband and son would like to get Feist. I have found a website where we can get cute dogs like yorkies at They are very cute, cuddly and adorable! If you are looking for teacup yorkie dogs, you need to visit their site. You can even watch them at the videos taken by the owners during Halloween with their costumes and all. It was funny when Bubby didn't like the costume he was wearing that he wouldn't even want to move! I wonder how would it look like when you cross breed Feist and Yorkies; I bet it would looked very cute, too! By the way, their names are Isabella and Bubby. Look at them, don't they look adorable in the pictures?



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