Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Tomato Fair

Posted by Cecile at Tuesday, December 30, 2008
This snapshot was taken at the Tomato Fair last summer where they posed with the giant Duckie :-). Jacob really enjoyed the activities for kids like face painting, animal petting, deflatable slides as well as the hay ride; Matt and I enjoyed watching him playing with the other kids.

We planned to buy some tomatoes, but we forgot to bring cash, so we just went around visiting some booth selling all kinds of arts and crafts. Foods were not cheap, but we love the fried green tomatoes and tomato pie.


chubskulit said...

hahahaha, next time ate don't forget your green hehhhehe.. love that big duck

Cecile said...

oo nga, Rose; buti na lang at may konti sa wallet ko when i checked it or else di namin natikman yung tomato pie at fried green tomato hehehe :-)


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