Thursday, December 4, 2008

Amusement Park’s Holiday Sale

Posted by Cecile at Thursday, December 04, 2008
Christmastime once again and a lot of people sometimes prefers going on vacation during holiday season. Some would rather spend time with families and relatives just like we always do. But since we also love outdoors, we are planning to go on a vacation this year. We didn’t know where to. So we asked our friends which part of the east coast would be best to go this time of the year. They mentioned many places but we decided to go to New Jersey since it is only few hours away from our place. They also told us how much they enjoyed their visit to Morey’s Piers. It is a staple among New Jersey attractions with its amusement park rides and other boardwalk attractions. Right now, they have a holiday sale going on which will not end till the 9th of January. Customers can save nearly $40% on a season pass to both waterparks. When it comes to a place to stay with, Morey’s Resort offers accommodations at Resorts in Wildwood NJ and the Jersey Shore, when staying at Wildwood Boardwalk, for it is a perfect location for family vacation beach. What are you waiting for? Reserve a room now by booking online at or by calling them at 1-800-2-hav-fun. Most of the hotels are on the beachfront and you can choose the style you want from luxury, family budget and cool boutique, and all are rated 3 diamonds by triple A's. Wouldn’t it be fun? I can not wait for our Jersey Shore beach Vacation. It is going to be a treat for my husband and son who loves going to the beach.


richard said...

Hope that you'll the holiday yuo desire on that resort...

Just visiting, How are you Ces,

Keep on smiling...:)


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