Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Cheap Domain Names and Web Hosting Services

Posted by Cecile at Tuesday, December 30, 2008

I have two blogs that need to be registered in domain. It is taking awhile I know, but I need to be careful in choosing a web hosting company to use when it comes to my blogs. I have a bad experienced when I registered my one blog; they couldn't even give my blog the basic things it needs. So I decided to cancel it and told myself not to rush when finding and choosing web hosting company who register domain in such a way that will satisfy the need of my blogs. Then after long search, I finally found the one I was looking for and that is UK-Cheapest.co.uk, a company that offers everything a blog could ever need. Their initial registration prices are very low, thus save you money. They also provide domain names for two years and that means you don't have to pay renewal fee until the first two years is over. The domain renewal fee cost is very low, includes homepage builder with your domain name, unlimited nameservers changes with no extra pay, email forwarding address, again with your domain name, url forwarding address, customizes your domain DNS for weebly.com. As you can see, almost everything is free! Everything you want is included. I will definitely use them when it is time for me to register my two blogs into domain. What are you waiting for? Visit their site for more detailed informations they offer.



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