Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Last Christmas with Family

Posted by Cecile at Wednesday, December 17, 2008
When was the last time that you spent Christmas with the whole family?

That was before I came here in America, 2000. And that was it. I am hoping to spend Chrismas with them next year with my hubby and son. It would be very exciting since that will be the first time that my family and hubby will finally meet in person. I can not wait. My family have been anxious to meet him and vice versa. Oh how I miss my family so much especially this time of the year! All in all it has been 8 years since I have spent my last Christmas with them, sad but what can I do? I have my own family now and as always when our budget allows us, we will go right away; plus my son and I were there summer last year!

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Imelda said...

enjoy your xmas away from your relatives.

amiable amy said...

hmmm...this will be my first Christmas without them...i miss simbang gabi already

Cecile said...

i will try to do that again dear , Mel :-)

have a wonderful Christmas and new year dear!

Cecile said...

it will be hard the first time, Amy, but you'll get use to it even though you still miss the happy celebration in PI

Mom of Four said...

I have mixed emotions about Christmas. I have my siblings in the Philippines, but I have my own family here. Last time I was in the Phils. for Xmas, was 2006 with hubby when we were in South Korea, but then, my mom was here in the US. I don't know whenare we going to be altogether for Christmas. Money is always the first problem, hahha, with the size of my household, we will be crippled..


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