Monday, December 15, 2008

How Blog Advertising Works?

Posted by Cecile at Monday, December 15, 2008
If you are a blogger, do you know what blog means? If so, how do you define it? I am sure these questions came to your mind before you started blogging like do. As a stay at home mother, I am home most of the time doing my job as a homemaker. I really enjoy my job, but there are times that I get bored when every chores are done and there’s nothing left to do but watch television. It is tiring sitting and watching sometimes. Since my son attends school now, I am thinking about finding job outside home, but the thought of putting my son in to after school class breaks my heart. So my husband and I decided that I should stay home till our son is old enough to go home after school and and tend to his needs while we are away working. It was very timing when my friend called and told me about blogging and how I can earn money without leaving home. Since she is already doing it, I told to myself, I might as well do it. I started doing it and actually enjoy meeting new friends while earning extra money. From time to time my friend introduces me to blog advertising companies to make money blogging.
Paying Post is one of the latest paid blog advertising sites. Blog advertising refers to advertisements posted on the pages of the blogs. On the other hand, post sponsorship is the new stuff for bloggers to participate in; and when bloggers make posts , they are targeting certain key words that are geared towards a certain advertiser. Posts are written by bloggers; and it can be services, products and more. Sometimes, the blog owner simply writes their posts the way they normally do, but briefly mention the sponsor they are endorsing. Did I make it sound interesting to you? If you say so, then Paying Post right for you.Their website is a user friendly that helps you on making money from blogging. Wait no more, and start making money out of blogging. Do you know that they have a new layout? And I really like it; it is much nicer than the one they have the first time I joined them.


intel828c said...

hi! I added you already...please update my URL from intel828c to GiggleYohoo.
Thanks. Please add this link also to your blogroll, Onlinetours. Thanks

Umma said...

you signed up on this one pala ha.. but they dont have that much opps ata eh? Did you check often? I seldom check their site.

Cecile said...

oo i signed up kaya lang they don't have much opps, apat pa lang nakuha ko so far :-)


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