Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Is Norton Better than McAfee?

Posted by Cecile at Wednesday, December 10, 2008
While I was doing my EC dropping this morning, I can not believe how much blogs have virus that tried to attack my computer! Out of 150 drops I made to my new blog, I already encountered at least eight of them. I am glad that my new laptop that we bought last Black Friday is already optimized and it comes with one month free Norton Anti-virus. Have we not chose this one even though we paid extra for it, my computer has already full of viruses. The McAfee we have in my old laptop and desktop wasn't even half better than Norton anti-virus.


Umma said...

Its very true my dear.. our 2 computers was knocked down too last 2 nights already and hubby thought that it was for the EC dropping.

Thats why I wasnt able to blog hop bec of this. I think the Trojan is really everywhere so we need to take precaution when visiting sites.. but cant help it bec we dont know which sites are safe isnt it?

Cecile said...

you are absolutely right, dear. we can't do anything about it.

the ec dropping must go on no matter what!


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