Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Black Friday Holiday Shopping Promotion

Posted by Cecile at Tuesday, October 28, 2008
Even though shopping is one of my weaknesses, it is still hard to do it when holiday comes for gift shopping. I hate crowded places like mall and outlet stores when shopping. So I do some shopping online which saves me time, money and stamps and trip to post office. Some people wake up early for black friday shopping as early as 5am. I tried doing that, but never happened. I always ended up going like 8am when all sale items are almost gone. No shopping early on the day after thanksgiving anymore. I can still do that and buy sale items by going to iblackfriday.com. At iBlackFriday.com, they let you view the 2008 Black Friday ads weeks in advance and let you build up you holiday shopping lists where you will know exactly what items you want to buy on black Friday. That way, you do not need to wake up early and stand in line on Black Friday.

The great thing about iblackfriday.com is that by joining their notification list, you will know when new Black Friday ads are added to their site, plus they will alert you to when the black Friday items are available to purchase online at retailer's websites.

I will definitely shop at
Toys R Us for gifts for my nieces and nephews. They also offer electronics and video games for older kids. On Black Friday, you can save 30% off on all pet products toys and get $10 Toys R Us Gift Card w/Any $99 iPod Purchase. Shop online on Black Friday at iblackfriday.com without leaving the comfort of your home, plus save your precious time for yourself by sleeping for as long as you want.


Maus said...

ate ces padaan lng po and happy shopping na din sayo,,hehe

amiable amy said...

this site is good , i visit it today


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