Friday, October 3, 2008

Similar People Widget Launch

Posted by Cecile at Friday, October 03, 2008
I love making friends and keeping them. Friends are part of my life just like my family that I can not live without. As the saying goes: “no man is an island.” And I truly believe on that. Friends play an important role in our life, different from the role of our respective family. I am glad I have friends and online friends I met through the internet and blogger.

Online friends, I can talk to all the time with out living home. They are very interesting as much as my own personal friends. With them I can share my thoughts and feelings about something I like and care so much about. I learn a lot from them and I am sure they feel and do the same as I do. It makes me feel that they are just sitting beside me talking to me when they leave messages from my cbox as well as in my comment box.

I met young mothers like me whom we shared a lot in common like kids and stuff about family. We laugh together as we share with each other about the funny things our little kids do. It was like the topic about families and kids are endless and we never get tired of talking about it. Because of that, we have established lasting friendship. Finding friends is never been easier through Trybe; it makes the entire process so simple, yet very fast. Trybe will help you find or search for people who have similar interests and discoveries that you have. Explore the endless possibilities, Learn more & get the widget. It will help you a lot in finding more friends you can share your interests with.



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