Wednesday, October 15, 2008

How the four 4 year old child plays now...

Posted by Cecile at Wednesday, October 15, 2008
Make-believe play fills your preschooler’s days, and the first true friendships begin to develop as social skills improve.

He can walk along a curb, climb up the steps of a slide, play on a monkey bar and ride a bicycle.
He can learn to swim, skate, ski, dance and use a trampoline.
A new creative technique, game, toy or activity can keep her engrossed for hours.
He is starting to add details to her drawings and other art projects.
He may print his name on his art.
He understands that other people have feelings that are different from him.

Since my son was born 7 months early, everybody says that he will catch up with the kids his age later. But that doesn't apply witn Jacob. He never get behind with the kids his age. He is always fine and sometimes better than them surprisingly. I am glad for that. Now I don't have to worry anymore whether he is behind or just a slow learner.



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