Friday, October 17, 2008

A Perfect Gift!

Posted by Cecile at Friday, October 17, 2008
Last year, my son and I went to visit my family in the Philippines. Few months prior to that; I asked each one in my family what present or gift they want me to get for them. So they want clothes, perfumes, shoes chocolates and electronic gadgets like one my brothers who own Internet Café. He told me he wants to store pictures, files and important documents so they will be safe if anything happened with his computers. I know how important having flash drive in our home that is why we have one ourselves. My husband stored all important files from our computer and put the flash drive in our safety box. If you want to get yourself one, visit and or buy some so you can give them as a present for it is a perfect gift for everyone who has computer at home or office. I am sure they will like it. You can even personalize it with your favorite color and have your name engraved in there. The flash drive is inexpensive and handy; buy additional one and it will only cost 20 cents. You will be remembered when you give it to your friends, colleague even family members.



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