Friday, October 10, 2008

In the mood for picture taking....

Posted by Cecile at Friday, October 10, 2008
After school in front of door outside apartment; those mums costs me only $8 for the three of them :-), got a good deal :-)
At the school bus this morning; he was wearing a jacket because it was cold today....brrr.

I took some pictures of my son after he came home from school in front of our apartment. He was very cooperative and didn't complain, not a bit. I think he was in good more, plus it's been awhile since I took pictures of him and that was last month during our family reunion held in NC.


iceah said...

ipost mo naman para makita ko c:

Mom of Four said...

your son looks adorable, and you're right very cooperative. He reminds me of my son, when I take his picture, he would pose and make face.
Great pictures!!!

Carlota said...

awe how cute. happy weekend sa inyo 'Cel

faye said...

meaning ate ces, he's a truly man, ganyan baga mga boys ayaw mag pose! thanks po sa pag daan!


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