Friday, October 10, 2008

True, way to find the right one for you!

Posted by Cecile at Friday, October 10, 2008
Before I get married, a friend of mine asked me a favor before I left for America to find her someone who could be a potential partner someday. I didn’t what she asked me to do, but tell you it was very hard. So after talking to some of my husband’s friends who didn’t seem interested on a serious relationship, I finally gave up and told her that I can not do this anymore and that she needs to do it by herself from now on. She was thankful and agreed to what I said. I mentioned with her about this online dating service called where she can find the right man for her.
True is the only online dating service and relationship site endorsed by Psychology today. And no other Internet dating service conducts criminal background screenings and single certification. This dating site is far more than dating and chatting, you can find the most compatible person that matches your profile. You can use your web cam to get a closer look at the person you are talking to through live video chat. They even have a coach that will do the matchmaking wherein you can only meet singles people. Why don’t you sign up now? You can search for free and will never spend anything, not even a penny.



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